No Motiv + He Fails Me + recording = new music

With less than 24hrs left before I leave for the Philippines, I am very happy to say that the No Motiv Winterlong EP is finally tracked. I’m sure when I get home, I will want to make 1,000,000 changes to mixes, but for now I’m a happy camper. Somehow in the frenzy of packing and preparing for the trip, I found time to poorly record some vocal tracks to a new He Fails Me song. Thats 14 songs, ready for full production tracking. Oh dang. I’d post that new HFM song, but upon 3rd listen, I sound like shiiiiiiiiiiiiiii… Who knows, maybe Donny will post it anyways. As for Winterlong tracks? Ya’ll gonna have to wait. Gotta talk to the kind people at Vagrant first.

See ya in 3 weeks. Pace Picante Sauce.

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  1. brightlights says:

    You’re a jem, Roger.

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